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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get 'Unstuck' with Collaborators.

Every creative professional, from time to time, finds themselves hitting a concrete wall. The ideas well is dry. Motivation and inspiration have joined hands and left the building. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own creative practice that it's difficult to remember the world that exists outside ourselves and beyond our own world of creativity. The challenge is not the writer's block or creative block that is manifesting; we all need moments of pause before action, the challenge is recognizing our own strengths in overcoming these blocks. We all need to recognize our own paths and mechanisms for personal breakthroughs. Apart from simply, changing locations and fully engaging in a task other than the task that you are becoming increasingly frustrated with, one of the best forms of breakthrough medicine is teamwork. Your friends and colleagues and in fact, strangers in cafes, are your best collaborators and sounding boards. The feeling of 'being stuck' more often than not, comes from the inability to see past our own habits and patterns in thinking/making. Collaborators are there to illuminate different routes in thinking or different rhythms in producing. The best collaborators not only introduce new forms of solutions or problem solving techniques, but also, they offer organic inspiration and support as we near the breakthrough we need to fight 'feeling stuck'. When you are in the situation of creative blockage, get out of your current situation. Go outside, take a walk, and meet a friend for lunch. Enjoy a meal where you talk about anything but work, and after feeling distracted enough and full up from good food, order a hot beverage and talk out your ideas or what stage you are stuck at in your process. Get your friend to ask as many questions as possible. Really use the art of conversation to get you back on track. In fact, collaborators can be the fresh air required to breath new life into a stagnant phase of the creative process. There's no such thing as stuck, only pre-cursors to breakthroughs!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Embrace Risks

Productivity and the successful achievements of various benchmarks or goals, will always face the prospect of failure. The darkness of the fear of failure looms over human beings in our every endeavour. Sometimes its hidden away in the dark recesses of our minds, probably originating in the emotional center of our brain, the amygdala (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amygdala). Most times we cannot even recognize that this deep fear of failure is what stops us from pursuing our ambitions and hinders us from full creative expression. Other times, this fear of imperfection or being wrong, outwardly and obviously stunts our potential and growth. Let's face it, human beings crave perfection and attempt to consciously or sub-consciously steer clear of any zones or potential zones of discomfort and messiness. Ultimately, humans try to protect the ego, in doing so, however, we are more likely to engage with the safest decisions and the most conventional paths. Many people go so far as inertia as the greatest safety net; if you don't move, don't grow, then you avoid the chaos of change and chance. Stillness in the creative process can be a welcome change, but inertia and a place of non-motivation and ultimately, fear--is unproductive, unhealthy, and keeps us from our authentic, creative voice. Reach your highest potential by taking risks. We are all perfectly imperfect so the worry about ideas or the pursuit of ideas as potentially successful or failing, is irrelevant. We are bound to have 'good' ideas and 'bad' ideas, what's important is that we never underestimate our intuition pointing us to take creative risks.  Embrace the greatest gifts we have as human beings: imaginative exploration and curiosity. Stop making excuses; ask more questions; take more risks; and fear not the beautiful unknowns of the creative mind and body. Be as bold as possible, define success on your own terms. Go!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Productivity = Fluid Working Structure

Ideas are a wonderful thing. The moment of inspiration is exhilarating. In fact, the series of moments immediately following the initial inspiration, is just as absorbing and fully satisfying. The inspiration/post-inspiration mood is one of the best trancelike states that a person can experience. This state is generally accompanied by productivity, focus, mindfulness, and a combination of precise patience and urgency. Importantly, being in flow following an aha! moment, happiness floods are fragile human condition. Scientifically, when a human brain feels it is has solved a problem or created a solution or developed something innovative, dopamine starts churning and releasing. Dopamine release is associated with elevated moods and more focused thinking. It's a great cycle to begin. Generate ideas, stay inspired, and feel good. Like any process, there are peaks and valleys involved; the beginning stages, the novelty, the dopamine, will of course bring an individual to the highest peak. In order to maintain this or at least in order to attempt to avoid being taken on a roller coaster of emotions/ the extremes of productivity and inertia, it's important to be aware of momentum. How can one keep momentum, but allow enough rest and balance to have the genuine energy to make sound decisions and stay excited/in the state of flow surrounding the decisions? Actually, creativity and flow require some level of structure and routine. If creativity and ideas are grounded in something stable, then it means something solid and certain exists as a safety net to return to after inspiration runs its course. A fluid working structure encourages productivity; it's simply up to the individual to understand and develop his/her own methods of maintaining balance and therefore, the translation of ideas into action.

FLOW:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mihaly_Csikszentmihalyi

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas.

Ideas are great. Making ideas happen is greater. The more opportunities you give yourself to brainstorm and generate ideas, without boundaries or pressures, the more likely a great idea worth pursuing will come along. Make time and grant yourself the personal space every day, every week, every month, -whatever suits your schedule- to be inspired and to develop your own ways to tap into your ever fluid imagination. Each individual has a wealth of ideas at their fingertips, allow yourself the journey of discovery. Here are a few ideas to get you started with your idea generating. Next post we will get to the challenging part: making it happen.

1. Keep daily or weekly entries in a journal. Make sure the journal itself inspires you.
2. Read as much as possible. Keep track of articles or books that interest you and re-read later. 
3. Take a walk, find a nice location to be in nature or people watch, and free write.
4. Create mind maps-- See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map 
5. Collect inspiring images and create a vision board.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly CP Links

The creative process (CP) is the most significant part of any new venture. Here are some links that help us better execute and develop our process. The CP has articulated milestones but always has a fluidity that allows for the integration of emerging premises. OC provides a wealth of resources to encourage individuals and companies to embrace their inherently creative self...

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